Monday, December 3, 2012

Return to the Revised Tribunal

When it comes to League of Legends for the Personal Computer, I have been behind on my Tribunal judgments and that's an understatement. It never takes too long before I am reminded to jump back on it though like when I got repeatedly matched with rude, nasty folks earlier this evening. When I went to the Tribunal page, things looked different. This is the first time that I have returned to the site ever since Riot Games removed the Influence Points reward for participating in the Tribunal. Now, you actually get to see your judgment being measured alongside other important statistics:
A good start and that "Justice Rating" sounds so dignified.
The best thing about the new Tribunal system is that when you are a part of the majority vote, you now get to see the cases in question and their outcomes. This is very cathartic and a lot more rewarding than collectiong measly IPs. When you participated in a majority vote that resulted in a permanent ban, that result will add a count to compliment your profile. I don't think I will ever abandon the Tribunal ever again. Let's clean up the LoL community together!

Update Note - 12/04/2012: Actually, you get to see the result of all of the cases you voted on, even if you ended up being in the minority and you can see the action taken for those cases. This is very intriguing.

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