Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spouse and Stream Don't Mix

Since I barely just discovered FFSplit late last night, I decided to do some early morning streaming with the help from the spouse whom of course really didn't want to be bothered with these kind of things. I just wanted to make sure that the live stream looked great so I had the spouse watching me playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the Personal Computer from the comfort of the dining room on the Macbook Pro. It's always thrilling for me when the spouse watches me play video games, I don't know why, but as you know that is something that only happens once is a millionth cycle of the blue moon. It's even more exciting when the spouse decides to join in on actually playing the game, again, something that I really wish could happen at least once in a while since everyday is out of the question. So the stream ended up looking great but the spouse didn't stay for long. I thought I'd share the text from the spouse who was on my "Lonergamer" account. It was hilarious to see that the spouse got bored pretty quickly before leaving the stream. Check out the stream video here for my futile attempt to keep my spouse interested and stay for a little bit longer that ended with a pitiful goodbye. To put things into perspective though, I feel the same way whenever the spouse forces me to watch one of those stupid shows on HGTV... That Property Virgins show must be eradicated from existence!
I did type in "Can't hear me?" entry from the Game Room when
I kept saying hello and the spouse tried to speak into the Macbook Pro itself.

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