Saturday, December 29, 2012 on Loner Gamer

Since I have been doing a lot of gameplay streaming on my page these days, I have decided to embed the live stream video player to this website. So if you just happen to visit and see that the video feed is live, don' be shy to jump on to if you would like to interact with yours truly!

As for the schedule, you will find me broadcasting in the evening starting at around 6:00pm Pacific Time until it is time for me to go to bed. During the weekend, I make the attempt to stream all day long. You may occasionally find me streaming  sporadically throughout the day during the weekdays as well. See you on and I hope you will enjoy the gameplay.

The video player is at the top of the page. I know, I am obsessed with that dog...

Update Notes:

12/31/2012 - I have discovered that adding the video player has an impact on how fast the page loads so I have decided to remove it to avoid inconveniencing my visitors. I hope that there will be a widget that can show my online /offline status for in the near future.

01/05/2013 - I have recently downloaded Google Chrome again because my Internet Explorer 9 seemed to have problems with a number of websites that I frequented, including Blogger, and I discovered just how fast the Chrome browser is. I have used it several years ago and found it buggy but I am really loving it now. I have also noticed that when using Chrome, the embedded video didn't slow the page load! Since 55% of my viewers in 2012 used Chrome to visit the site and only a mere 6% used IE, I have decided to permanently place the Live Gameplay Broadcast on the top of the page again. Enjoy!

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