Friday, November 8, 2013

Wii Fit Meter: Clip It On!

I received my Wii Fit Meter by Nintendo yesterday and I have it clipped on me ever since. The one month limit for Wii Fit U has been lifted for me once I registered the device via my Wii U but I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have not been using that software ever since I downloaded it on November 1st. I supposed I should be more ashamed by the fact that I haven't used the Wii Fit Plus software ever since that injury earlier this year. I love the look of this pedometer. It's sleek and sexy and that black accentuated by the gray, classic. There is certainly no shame involved in people seeing that I have it on me. The Wii Fit Meter not only tracks the number of steps you take, it also checks for changes in elevation and temperature alongside providing information on burnt calories based on the profile you have set with the Wii Fit U software. As you may have guessed, the meter works in conjunction with the Wii Fit U to provide you the bigger picture of your healthy habits. On previous Wii Fit titles, you can choose to enter additional information manually on your own but now, the Meter takes care of some of that. It's really cute too the way the Meter communicates with the Wii U Gamepad where you have to line up the top of both devices to point towards each other. The only thing missing now is my commitment. I know I have put on some weight this year so it's time to take care of the extra fat!

You can see your Mii's face on the screen! Just adorable.

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