Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Achievements from Watching Twitch and More!

I couldn't help but laugh when I read this Official Twitch Blog entry about X-Box One's twitch.tv achievements. With the system not being able to natively stream to twitch until early next year, unlike the PlayStation 4 which already has that function at launch despite looking a bit poor quality wise, Microsoft wants to make sure that X-Box One gamers are doing what they should be doing best with the console - more watching instead of playing video games! Watching twitch.tv via the X-Box One can grant a plethora of achievements:

X-Box One: Truly the best place to be when it comes to passively watching something.

While you are at it, Microsoft, may I suggest that you implement the following achievements for the X-Box One? I am sure they will be very popular with the console's users. You are welcome:
  • All-Seeing Eye: Clock more hours watching twitch.tv, television programs, and movies over playing video games on the console. You can get this achievement once a week as long as you meet the criteria.
  • Body of Work: Have the Kinect camera watch you for 100 hours.
  • Sculptured Art: Allow the Kinect to scan your full body without having any clothes on.
  • Master-Slave Relationship: Use the Kinect's "X-Box" commands 1000 times.
  • Entertainment King: Use the X-Box One only for non-gaming entertainment for a total of 50 hours before playing video games on it again. You get double the points with this achievement if you do this when you first use the console.
  • Talk to the Hand: Interrupt your gaming session using the "X-Box watch TV" or "X-Box watch movie" commands 1000 times. You must then watch the television show or movie for 5 minutes or more before going back to your game for it to count towards the total.

Aren't those suggested achievements great? You know you want to unlock them if they get implemented.

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