Sunday, November 3, 2013

League of Legends Vacation Cut Short

I just can't do it... I did try my best but after merely 6 days away from League of Legends for the Personal Computer, I was back playing it this morning. I just couldn't say no to "The Harrowing", which is a Halloween-inspired event in the game that offers tasks that you can complete to unlock summoner's icons for your profile. After being away for the game for almost a week, the game seems to look more beautiful. I also tried out the new mystery gift feature where you can buy a random skin for your friend. It's a cheap way to get skins but you give up the ability to choose the specific skin to unlock. My friend actually got Surprise Party Fiddlestick from the mystery gift I bought for him, which is quite an expensive skin. I also got a mystery gift in return and it unlocked Sanguine Garen, which is not the best skin out there but I am glad to now have an alternate look for him. I suppose it's back to the LoL grind for me but I will do my best to keep my gameplay time in check for the sake of my other games.

So... Red?

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