Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creative Assembly, You Disappoint Me

Okay, this "living room" myth thing that Valve had started for the Personal Computer gaming community has become a nasty sort of viral infection that spreads out rapidly, eating away at the brains of everyone closely attached to the Steam Machine project. Let's look at the highly offensive, irresponsible statement below that was released today from Creative Assembly in regards to next year's release of Total War: Rome II for the SteamOS:

Really? Are you serious or you had too much to drink before you issued this statement?

Yes, it's great news to see a hardware-demanding game like Total War: Rome II actually making it to SteamOS but the problem with the statement is how it plays to Valve's living room fantasy. On the second paragraph, Mr. Batholomew claimed that a game like Total War: Rome II was impossible to be enjoyed and played in the living room before the arrival of the Steam Controller. That is just not true. Grab a small table, place a small keyboard and mouse in the living room, BAM! Another big problem with the above statement has something to do with how the Steam Controller seems to be equated to the living room only. So those who play in say, a Game Room, or those who play on a PC monitor shouldn't use that controller as an alternative? So then the keyboard and mouse controller is still superior? Wouldn't it lessen the experience then to actually play the game with the Steam Controller versus the keyboard and mouse? Also, if Creative Assembly cared so much about making all their games for all the platforms, how come the Total War series has never made it to the console? And those consoles do have their own controllers. The Wii Remote and the PlayStation Move controller would have been a nice little alternative to a functioning mouse so why didn't they get those games out to the Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation 3? Because nothing about the above statement is all that honest. I also have to mention that the game doesn't even need "Big Picture Mode" support because PC games just shows up fine on the big screen without the need to use that mode so I am confused to why that was even necessary to be brought up.

I understand that everyone is very excited about the fruition of Valve's living room agenda but please stop being oblivious to the fact that: 1) you always have that ability to play PC games in the living room by simply hooking up your PC to your living room display, and 2) the living room should not be the actual focus of this wild campaign when it's really about gaming on the big screen. Because if someone doesn't have that in their living room then they really shouldn't hook up their Steam Machine in the living room right? This whole thing is getting too out of control. Shame on you Creative Assembly for not thinking things through.

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