Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Steam Machine: A Strange Case of Crazy

Valve posted some pictures of the Steam Machine prototype on the Steam Universe group yesterday and I saw a lot Steam users getting strangely too excited about the potential of buying it. I am very confused. Apparently a lot of people don't know that all they had to do is hook up their Personal Computer to their display in the supposedly best place to game - the living room - and they have themselves a Steam Machine already? Isn't the Steam Machine suppose to trick console gamers into thinking that they are buying a console when it's actually a PC but why are many of these PC gamers getting so hyped up? I can understand if they want to test out the misguided controller but why want the Steam Machine unless one has a really really old PC and these guys, based on checking out their profiles, seem to have good enough rigs to play some of the more popular Steam games. I guess it would be a lie to me to say that I don't understand the situation by now. Most people do not have a Game Room like I do, and they place their biggest, baddest television display in their living room, thus they have that craving to see their games being played on a large monitor. But then they can just hook up their PC to these displays already so why haven't they done it? It's like they needed Valve's permission to experience PC gaming on the big screen when I have done just exactly that since forever. Valve of course knows that they are set to make a huge amount of profit so they are not going to ensure that people understand what is really going on. This is the very reason why they didn't just stopped with the Big Picture Mode. Frankly, I find the whole thing grossly disgusting but I also know that it is going to convince bigger, previously console-only developers to focus on releasing more games on the PC so I have to take the good with the all of the awful nastiness.

Looks like a Motorola cable box. What other Steam users think:

"I'll changed my mind on pre-ordering PS4. I want the Steam Machine. Such a better name than Xbox One. It crazy that thing change real fast over time." - LDClaudius

"It`s amazing!!! 
Give it to me!!!" - Anahat

"Very very nice. Can't wait to have it at home in my hands!" - The Puppet Master

"I just mangasmed in my pants. I cannot wait for this to drop." - Rongey420

"SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" - insanely wild

"T-DOG: gamepad is much more handy when playing on the couch in your livingroom, and that's where the Steam Machine is supposed to be. It's not supposed to hard counter the desktop in your room." - Black Phoenix

Big kudos to Black Penguin for this comment. There's still hope for humanity:
"can i hook this up to my grandma's old B & W TV ? >___< 
here tv is really that old. like a CRT. and thats whats in the living room >__<"

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