Sunday, November 17, 2013

PS4 Out of Stock?

I am not sure why I was surprised to learn that Sony' PlayStation 4 is pretty much sold out everywhere after its midnight launch on Friday. Since they were providing early adopters the chance to pre-order, I made the assumption that Sony was making enough units to fulfill both the pre-orders and more so that people will be given the opportunity to get the system easily, especially with the X-Box One coming up just a week after the PS4's launch. People who are not able to find the PS4 to purchase may be swayed to just get the X-One if that console will be made more available next week. Why give the X-One even a slight chance to recover from its bad early impression?

Meanwhile, on eBay...

There are two other interesting developments when it comes to the PS4. The first being the lack of PS4 gamers actually streaming on! Most of the PS4 streamers on twitch do so with a capture card - since native PS4 twitch streaming looks quite medicore - and they are mostly comprised of gamers who were already streaming on twitch before. New PS4 streamers are actually not that many so it is obvious that since a majority of these people were not interested in streaming before, there is really no reason that they will be streaming now even with the one click stream setup. The second is that I have been granted access to analyze the system and it should be arriving sometime next week. My stance on both gaming priority and the necessity of the arrival of these new consoles haven't changed from what I have laid out before. The real question here is this: If you already have a wonderful gaming PC, is there any real value to having the PS4 as a companion to it? I think I know the answer to that but I am always willing to be convinced otherwise so stay tuned.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

From a technical standpoint? Nope. A high end PC is going to do anything a console can do and better. That said, some games are only available on consoles, and that is what the biggest 'hook' is.

Loner Gamer said...

Well, since Mark Cerny did admit that they started the process of making the PS4 soon after the PS3 came out, it's no surprise that the tech is way behind the times. I am pretty darn sure that they will start working on that PS5 pretty soon.

With consoles these days, it's all about the games that the console makers' internal studios are able to make available because it's becoming too easy for developers to release games on the PC and they would not want to miss out on the ability to make the extra cash. That being said, given this opportunity to check out the PS4, I am very curious to see what they are able to pump out.

I am sure that Valve is betting big on the hook you described with the upcoming mirage they are conjuring named the "Steam Machine" that they hope will trick those who prefer consoles over PC into submitting to the world of high end PC gaming.