Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Hextech Fashion Statement

I really don't understand why there are still ugly looking splash art for the champions in League of Legends for the Personal Computer. Surely, Riot Games has some extra money to spend on replacing them? One of the worst offenders? Anivia's default splash art. It's an eye sore. It doesn't even look like a crystal phoenix but instead, it looks like a frozen chicken. I was so happy to learn that the Hextech Anivia skin was on sale so I unlocked it instantaneously. Riot, please get the old splash art updated. If you can make Sivir looks like an ostrich with her recently updated splash art, imagine what you can do with Anivia and the rest of the forgotten champions...

From "cold" to diamonds.


From a woman to... Only galaxy knows what that thing is.

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