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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Your 2 Minutes Starts... Now!

Oh honey, what cruel game you play. On our way back from Tiburon today, we stopped by Fry's Electronics per the spouse's instruction so that I could pick up a couple of games as gifts. There was a catch though: because the spouse hates being in that store, I was given two minutes to pick up the games that I wanted or the deal is off. I was frantic of course because I find it quite hard to just pick up games quickly. I normally would have to consult my Purchase List and even then, I would have to think about things thoroughly. Well, I didn't want to lose out so I did grab two games quickly and lined up at the cash register just in time. Perhaps I should do this to myself whenever I have troubles making a decision whether or not to get a game. I should give myself two minutes and if I couldn't decide during that time, then I would not allow myself to consider getting that game again for an entire month. It could be dangerous to do that however because I would mostly be leaning towards the acquisition of the games in question... Yes, that would be rather irresponsible, don't you agree?

A great end to an already wonderful day.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

LOL - that sounds like something my wife would do. There's a Disc Traders near us that she hates going into, but we have a compromise. There's a craft store three doors down she goes to, while I'm in there. I don't necessarily have a 'timer' - but I know the longer I'm in there, the more time my wife has to shop in the craft store, so it's like a built-in timer for my wallet. :P

Loner Gamer said...

That's a pretty good - and certainly risky - compromise hehe. I wish Fry's would just run one of those "Housewives" shows on one of their display units, then I would probably have until closing time to choose my game gifts...