Thursday, May 2, 2013

Video Gaming is Moving Too Fast

As someone who has been gaming all of his life, I do find it strange that my feelings towards this upcoming transition from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 or whatever Microsoft may bring to the table for the X-Box - still hoping it's a Windows 8 based thing - is rather uncommon compared to a lot of other gamers. I found quite a number of acquaintances who are rather happy about getting "new consoles" while I see a such thing as another console being abandoned unnecessarily. Apparently, people are not concerned about shelling out cash for a new hardware. I don't have too much of a problem with that in particular since I do love to upgrade my Personal Computer but the difference there is that these newer consoles are not fully-backwards compatible and some will not honor that feature whatsoever. When I spend on new PC hardware, I know I am just extending the life of all the PC games I have but that is not the case when it comes to console gaming. The other thing that came to my mind today was the speed in which new games get the price slash these days, especially for the PC:

That's not too bad and it fits my budget quite well.

There are just so many interesting titles being released at all times and then not too long after their release, you see crazy price drops that make you wonder - is it really worth getting the more expensive games at launch? The ironic thing here is that I used to tell people that they shouldn't feel guilty about getting games at full price if they have the money to burn but my perspective has changed since then. Sure, it's great to support your favorite developers, there is nothing wrong with that but if we adhere to that rule, we would be buying a really small number of games a year. I do know this: I think most developers don't deserve our hard-earned cash, especially those who think that they can only make better games with better hardware... Whoever came up with that equation must have accidentally fell in the bathroom and hit his or her head on a toilet bowl. All that I know is this: if you are like me who tries to get every single game that you are interested in, there is no way that we can catch up to these new game releases. It's just impossible. It's hard to stop pursuing and I am certain that there is nothing wrong in doing so, but I think that we really have to start making some smart choices. I think that price threshold that I have set for myself was a great start and the survival guide I have published is definitely helpful. The next thing for me here is perhaps I need to set an actual number of games that I would get per month. Is that a little bit of a stretch or just a natural progression of things?

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Chalgyr Vokel said...

I'm right there with you. Will I pick up one of the newer consoles? Yeah, I'm sure I will. Will I have them all like I did this last generation? Probably not. This current generation was so good, and quality titles are still coming out. I've had a few similar posts where I just don't feel the 'need' to jump a console generation yet (despite the whining by Ubisoft to the contrary)