Thursday, May 30, 2013

Steam Hits to a Whole New Low

What is this? What's really going on Valve? This is just madness. Maybe my memory has betrayed me but I don't recall ever seeing anything like this ever before on Steam. 75% yeah, that is a pretty frequent number around here. 80%? Maybe... Just maybe. 90%? What the heck? If I didn't have the whole Alan Wake franchise already, I would have gotten those games instantaneously. Too bad Devil May Cry didn't see the same discount today but I still love you Steam!

You have waited years for the price to really drop. Well, today is your day!


Chalgyr Vokel said...

Wow - that is one serious discount. I have seen really high discounts like that a few times in the past, usually around the holidays. Like you, I already have played the games though.

Pieter Voogt said...

That discount is probably because Alan Wake was recently in a bundle thing. The only other 90% off I saw was when Rome Total War was for $1.