Friday, May 24, 2013

Rawr... Raptr?

While I was streaming some Rift Lite gameplay for the Personal Computer last night on my page - I am in the process of getting a character all the way to level 20 to prepare him for the upcoming free-to-play launch of the game - a viewer informed me that I could get the full game and its expansion, Storm Legion, by using Raptr and "playing" the game for a set number of hours. Took a lot of convincing for me to eventually take the plunge for I had never been a fan of Raptr, which is just another gameplay tracking social networking program. I just don't see the validity of what Raptr is trying to promote - it mostly celebrates gameplay hours so if you just leave a game running while you are out on a week long vacation, you'll get to the Elite spot so easily. Still, I love the idea of getting Rift and its expansion for free because having access to these will provide me a larger number of both character and bag slots when the ftp kicks in, not to mention the additional character classes. The little rewards here and there is nice too but they are nothing special... Like the two avatar t-shirts I automatically unlocked when I linked my LIVE account to Raptr. I really don't like that I can't even install the desktop application where I want it to be installed. I will definitely be uninstalling it from my PC once I am done with chasing the Rift rewards but I suppose I will just keep my profile there so that it could feed on my PlayStation 3, Steam, and X-Box 360 activities. I really don't care if it doesn't track my League of Legends hours nor any other games not associated directly with those platforms for I have Origin to do just that since I am curious sometimes about such data. If you are a Raptr user, I am interested to find more acquaintances there so feel free to send a friend invite to AlexWorth. See you there!

Loner Gamer's desktop has recently been invaded by a strange creature named "Raptr".

Update Note: 06/16/2013  - I jumped on Rift today for the first time ever since they rolled out the "free-to-play" patch and I discovered that the game is selling keys to unlock treasure chests as well as potions to release coin caps and other important gameplay functions in the cash shop. Yeah, they did a great job hiding these facts prior to the "FTP" release. I uninstalled the game immediately.

Pretty darn disgusting. Trion Worlds, you have failed!

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