Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The X-Box One Announcement is a TV Show

While the PlayStation 4 announcement was a comedy show with the console designer trying his best to convince us that only a new console can bring new gaming experiences, the reveal of the new X-Box One today prioritized the non-gaming entertainment portion of the console. It was all about television and movies and how the console is capable of interacting with your live television. Yes, this console, just like the X-Box 360, doesn't prioritize gaming. It's all about everything else with gaming on the side. The fact that they tackled the non-gaming feature first and during the majority of the reveal is very telling. Oh, and I love how they tried to claim that the X-Box One is the only way you can use Skype on the big screen in the living room. I find it really funny how everyone has forgotten that the Personal Computer can be connected to the big screen. I am so done with these so-called "new generation" consoles. When they finally rolled out the new games coming out for the console, there was really nothing new nor exciting. That Quantum Break trailer was lame. "Visual so real" one of the presenters blurted out. Oh please, I have seen better. As a matter of fact, I just saw something more remarkable last night. This was an opportunity for Microsoft to take a big risk and gain greater rewards with getting into PC gaming via Windows 8 and they failed. There was no mention whether or not the LIVE service would be free on X-Box One but since they are going to have more servers to support the service, I am quite sure that it would be there, perhaps a little more expensive than before. I also have a feeling that they will bundle TV services with it too. Between the PS4 and the X-Box One, I prefer the former. Still, I wouldn't touch the PS4 for a long time to come.

X-Box One: The real way to... watch TV!

Update Note: 12:00pm - Confirmed. LIVE Gold will require a fee on X-Box One.

Why not just give us free 3 months of Gold nsa to celebrate the 360's untimely death?

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