Monday, May 20, 2013

God of War: Ascension Holy Galaxy

I just started playing God of War: Ascension for the PlayStation 3 and oh my galaxy... So far, this has to be the best looking PS3 game I have ever seen and most definitely without question, one of the best looking games so far in existence. For the first time, I have finally seen what the PS3 hardware is truly capable of producing, with the last two Uncharted games not even close to matching the quality of work seen here. The level of detail on Kratos himself and the environments is just staggering. The sense of scale is quite epic. The horribly PlayStation 2-ish graphics of God of War III is nowhere to be found! Now let's ask ourselves this question: How come no other games on the console look remotely close to this? Because the developers are lazy and they don't care about fully utilizing the hardware no matter how powerful they are, that's why. The PS3 is a crazy, unfathomable beast of a console yet before any more games could be released to look like this ultra sexy Ascension, Sony is jumping ship to the PlayStation 4. The same thing will happen with the PS4 where developers will not harness its full potential so why bother ending the PS3 at all? As much as I am excited to keep playing Ascension, my heart is bleeding deep inside of me. I am so annoyed. Why would Sony allow developers to abandon this wonderful console soon before its potentials can truly be taken advantage of. Why does it have to come to this? The video game world can be such a disgusting place sometimes and I feel somewhat dirty for my participation in it.

The frame rate may be a bit challenged but the overall graphics are impossibly beautiful.
Click play on the video below to see an incredible set piece from my first session with the game.

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