Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Go Digital Already: Fall of a God

We got another winner here of desperate developers doing their best to shamelessly cut the cost of physical distribution through production shortcuts while still trying to charge expensive prices at launch. And look at that, it's another Sony developed game - God of War: Ascension. And to think that they are still unwilling to go all digital for their upcoming PlayStation 4! I have a feeling that all the PS4 retail games will be packaged just like the Vita retail games: where there's no printed materials to be found inside the game casing at all! Just move on to the next big thing Sony... Just move the heck on.

Manual on the back of the cover! Take that physical game fanatics!

Update Note: 8:40pm - When I popped in the game disc, I found a digital manual accessible from the PS3's Xross Media Bar. Yeah, certainly wishy-washy. if they were so thrilled about the idea of digital manual, why not just skip physical distribution in the first place and aggressively push for the smarter distribution method for the future?

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