Thursday, June 30, 2011

My PC Temperature is Rising!

How I hate this nasty hot summer weather... But at least all of this deadly heat brings about crazy deals and discounts for digital games courtesy of my favorite direct download distributors, Steam and Direct2Drive. "The Steam Summer Camp Sale" has begun today and different game deals will be offered per day until the 10th of next month while Direct2Drive's Summer Sale starts tomorrow and will feature 31 days of deals. The Steam offerings are definitely a lot more attractive because by buying and playing the games that are on offer, you earn tickets for the grand prize drawing where 100 lucky gamers - that is right, one bloody hundred - will receive the top 10 games on their Steam wish list! You get one free ticket by just joining Steam's official community group for the promotion! If you are still not doing your Personal Computer gaming using Steam, well, you must be crazy. My poor wallet is trembling right now: Things are going to get a bit rough for the little guy!

The "summer camp" concept is so very endearing.

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