Sunday, June 26, 2011

Secret Gaming Hobby?

When it comes to cellular phones, I am way behind the times. I know that gaming on the mobile phone is a profitable market for developers but if I started having video games on my cellphone, I think that would just be a bit too much. I can always carry my PlayStation Portable or the Nintendo DS with me if I want to game on the go. My spouse however always wants the latest and greatest when it comes to mobile communication gadgets. While I still carry around a 2-3 year old cellphone, my spouse currently using the Samsung HTC EVO, which from my understanding is capable of some fancy gaming graphics. Well apparently, someone has been keeping a secret about gaming on the cellphone because I was able to find this application on the phone today:

What is this?!

And no, the game wasn't already pre-installed on the phone because I have used the phone before and in the game, there were already high scores for the first initial stages (go baby, go!). So what do you know, I married a gamer after all. Even after this revelation however, I still couldn't convince my spouse to have a gaming Sunday with me in the Game Room! What a tease.

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