Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's on the Wallpaper?

When playing games on my Personal Computer, I would normally capture screenshots of beautiful moments of gameplay that I would then use as my desktop wallpaper. There are a lot of pretty games out there but for a screenshot to actually be worthy of dominating my PC workspace, it has to have the perfect combination of mis-en-scene and graphical prowess. I was going over my old folders yesterday and I found one of them. Even if I find more though, I probably would just keep one image on my desktop instead of creating a desktop slide show out of them because I like a little bit of consistency in my life. If another worthy image is found to replace what I have at the moment, I will then post an article to announce the change. What I love about the scene below from Mass Effect 2 is the serenity and calmness it presents as well as its clever representation of open space. Combined with the sleek futuristic decor, it's a real winner:

It's like peering into a space and then peering into space.

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