Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bad Hero Edition: Infamous 2

A lot of people out there would just love to become a hero. The easiest way to do that of course is to play video games where you play as one. Infamous on the PlayStation 3 is one of those games where you are granted powers beyond that of a pedestrian mortal and you are given the opportunity to be an anti-hero as well. The first game was alright but it sold well and now the sequel is going to be released next Tuesday on June 7th. According to Sucker Punch (still waiting for the real current generation Sly Cooper)  and Sony, you can be a hero in real life by paying them $99.99 for the "Hero Edition" of the game's release. Let's look at how horrible this package really is:
  • Infamous 2 game on Blu-ray disc
  • Exclusive limited edition 8.5" Cole MacGrath statue
  • Replica Cole MacGrath sling pack
  • Super voucher that gives access to in-game content, including the Lightning Hook Power, Electrocution Grenade Power, Kessler Skin, and 24K Gold Amp weapon variant
  • Mini infamous #1 comic from DC Comics
  • Official infamous 2 soundtrack
The only cool thing about this package is the small Cole statue - which should really just come standard with the regular release. So the extra $40 that you are paying for is for the ugly duffel bag. Seriously, the thing only looks cool in the game but not in real life unless of course you are into cos-play but then they should have just included the whole Cole outfit. By heroically spending the extra money, you are also encouraging developers to restrict in-game contents that should have been accessible by everyone from the standalone game like those that can only unlocked using the "super voucher". I really cannot wait for games to be only digitally distributed so we don't have to deal with poor special releases such as this one ever again.

The horrible-looking duffel bag wants to hug you.

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