Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally! A Use for My Kinect Camera!

Well, that is actually an unfair statement because to be honest, Dance Central and Kinectimals are great games that utilize the Kinect technology and I just haven't gone back to them in a long time. During Microsoft's E3 conference held earlier this morning, Kinect Labs was announced and it was easily the highlight of the show for me.

Bravo Microsoft! Finally, a noteworthy dashboard feature.

Kinect Labs is a place where free, fun, and creative gadgets for the Kinect camera are housed in. You have probable seen a lot of clever ways in which the Personal Computer community has been manipulating the Kinect camera - a memorable one was turning the floor into a piano keyboard that you can step on - and Microsoft doesn't want the  360 users to miss out on the fun. There are only several gadgets available at the moment and they include tools that can create an avatar and a bobblehead based on what the camera sees and a very cool object scanner. They are so much fun to mess around with and achievement whores should be excited to know that they can get achievements from playing around with these applications. There is even a social aspect to these because you can choose to share screenshots and/or videos of your creations with the community. I am really loving this and I cannot wait to see more additions to Kinect Labs in the future!

The Kinect was able to replicate my clothing properly but oh my galaxy, that is not my face!

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