Friday, June 3, 2011

NGP Redefines Bad Touch

I was watching this interesting little video on the official PlayStation blog in regards to the new Uncharted game for the "Next Generation Portable" and I was disappointed by the forced implementation of touch screen mechanics for the game. Sony needs to really get over their PlayStation Portable epic failure to the Nintendo DS brand because their attempt to put the touch screen gameplay into the forefront, as exemplefied by this game, just seems desperate. It's like they are little kids trying to get their mother's attention: "Look mom! We can do touch screen too just like daddy!" The developers being interviewed tried to justify that the implementation was natural but when they started describing how they experimented on the touch mechanics, you know that Sony strictly mandated them to do so when the game clearly can be controlled perfectly with just the buttons and sticks on the handheld. Since neither touch mechanics nor motion controls were needed for the PlayStation 3 releases, the touch screen will not bring any enhancement to the gameplay. What you do get with the touch mechanics however is this:

What do you rather see? You fat finger running across the screen or the NGP's beautiful graphics?

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