Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May 2011 Gaming Analysis

The results shown below are of course based on the combined data from the Daily Game Log which should provide a clear indication of a game's usage frequency. Bear in mind that even if a game is played twice or more during a particular day, it would still register as 1 in the Day Count column below. In a sense, "merits" are given based on how often a particular game can make me play it again throughout the entire period of the month on a daily basis. A game that makes a gamer play it over and over again or at least spend a lot of time with it... Isn't that what we mostly want from a great game? I don't think it's really fair to count all the way down to the number of hours played since some games only require a short amount of time to properly serve their purposes.


Total Games Played: 28

Apparently, I exercise more than I game. Well, that is not entirely true. Yourself!Fitness on the original X-Box was the most played game of last month and it would have been guaranteed that spot every single month until I have decided to keep Saturdays as my day off from exercising despite what Maya had suggested to me. After increasing the duration of my workouts, I started to feel drained when I was working out every single day of the week and since I do not have a real workout diet to go along with such intensive physical training, I knew that it was time to slow things down a notch.

Next is League of Legends for the Personal Computer. Since the introduction of "The Tribunal" system where the community can review reports of players misbehaving in-game, things are a bit of calmer in-game but of course the problem is still there. I review Tribunal cases on a daily basis and hopefully, others who are eligible to do so are doing the same thing. I am sure that it's just a matter of time before a majority of the game's problem players are eradicated. Since LoL is a free game however, they can always open up new accounts but hopefully they will do as a better person unless of course they don't mind just playing with the free champions instead of those they have unlocked after playing the game for months on end.

The third most played game last month was Dirt 2 for the PC and this is because while switching between Windows XP to Vista Business to Windows 7 Professional, it was the second game I reinstalled after LoL. With the operating system upgrade came the added graphical enhancement for the game in the form of DirectX 11 and the game looks a lot better now, giving me ever the more reason to keep playing it.

Best New Game of the Month:
Darkspore: Limited Edition (Personal Computer)

Unexpectedly Forgotten New Game of the Month:
Toy Story 3 (PlayStation 3)

I Missed You, I Want You game of the Month:
MotorStorm: Apocalypse (PlayStation 3)

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