Monday, June 27, 2011

Celebrate First Amendment with Steam!

Today marks a victory celebration for the video game industry with the Supreme Court ruling against the ridiculously conceived California law that would penalize retailers for selling "violent" games to children - the retailers do not sell games that are rated "M for Mature Audiences" directly to kids in the first place - and cause a lot of complications in terms of video game distributions. Steam has decided to flaunt the result of this on its store page as you can see below. Click here if you are interested in reading the complete official document in regards to this ruling. For those who still think that "violent" video games should be censored, well I will politely say that you do not understand the system that has been established by the Entertainment Software Rating Board and paranoid parents, you do know that you have the power to directly control of your kids right? If you don't well, that's a different problem than video games is it not?

FTW indeed!

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