Monday, June 6, 2011

It's 2,222 Already?

It seemed like it was only yesterday when I inducted my 2,000th game into my Game Library with Borderlands for the Personal Computer. That happened on October 31st, 2009, which was about a year and seven months ago. As of 06/04/2011, I am now up to 2,222 games. I know I have slowed down somewhat in my gaming inductions but an additional 222 games in that period of time just seems like a lot. I do keep an eye out on the numbers from my Yearly Gaming Analysis and I do know that I can reach about 100+ inductions a year but it's just a bit more revealing when looking at the overall number. Still, there is nothing wrong with having a large gaming selections to choose from and that has always been the intent for me.

The one thing that I do notice though these days is that it is getting harder and harder to select what game to play because, well, there are just too many of them. I don't force myself to focus on a particular game - I let the games speak for themselves as they are being played. I know that I have a strong interest in every single game I have - whether that turns out to be a good thing or not - and it is just a matter of being in the right mood for me to fully experience them. When discussing game numbers, the one thing that is most often misunderstood by a lot of people is the reason "why" and my answer to that is not the usual one you normally find within the gaming community. A lot of gamers with a lot of games like to "collect". They get games because they can - they primarily aim for games that the community deems "worthy" and games with "special packaging" (the reason why they are called "Collector's Edition") so that they can be "showed off". I don't doubt that they do play a lot of games but they also get games that they know they are just going to leave untouched or even factory-sealed - some games are to be played while some are just being collected as trophies. I have seen individuals buy two copies of the same game so that they can leave one sealed for "collecting" purposes.

This can be a rather challenging activity sometimes.

Well, that is not how things work with yours truly. I want to be able to experience everything that I have in my Game Library and I unsealed all of my physical games as soon as I get them home. I do not plan to sell any of my gaming items - they are here as a part of my desire to have the ability to gain access to them whenever I want. Though I love a beautifully packaged physical game like any other gamer, I am a strong supporter of digital distribution of games. This is the reason why I love Steam and the concept of having your digital games attached to your account. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the idea that we should be able to transfer our gaming licenses between accounts but even if that was available, I sure wouldn't be doing that. It's all about having that access and total control over my gaming experience.

It's more convenient to select digitally then to search for the physical game.

Two thousand two hundred and twenty-two. That sure is a mouthful and that is a lot of games. I have done the math earlier this year estimating the amount of gameplay that I can get from my Game Library and it looks like the lastability factor is only increasing by the induction. This only means one thing - I do need to step it up and game more while doing it harder to keep up with myself.

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