Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Games Alert!

I purchased two new games today and they are both for the Nintendo Wii: Muramasa - The Demon Blade and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Muramasa was placed on the top of my GameFly rental queue but noticing how slow I am with playing the two games that I am currently renting, it may take a long while before I could get to it so I decided to just pick it up. I am a lover of 2D gameplay and graphical innovations so this game is a total must for those who have the same admiration for such things. The more sales this game gets, the more influential 2D design will become within the modern video gaming aesthetics. Heck, it may even make certain that the newly announced Sonic game slated for a 2010 release will become the definitive 2D Sonic experience - but why is it that I have this weird feeling that Sega will find a way to mess the game up? As far as Metroid Prime Trilogy, I have all of these games already but I like the control and graphical improvements made on the first two games in this release and the Collector's Edition metal case rocks!

Double Wii awesomeness.

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