Monday, September 14, 2009

The Art of Spamming II

More spamming action. Longer site name means more coordinated efforts. These guys don't play. They are working hard for your money. It's like grafitti... Is it art or vandalism? You decide.

They have to pay their employees too.
Just make sure they're not paying with your money.
This makes two corpse formations in one city. The competition is tough.


Blake said...

It must work, it seems to have these people employed to do nothing else but build their website name outta junk.

I can only imagine how boring it is just to run around in WOW and build web names outta stuff.

It be like going in Mario and only being able to jump.

Loner Gamer said...

It's sad that people buy gold but I had this one friend who did it. Here's the funny part: she was doing it secretly (I mean, it is kind of shameful) but I stumbled into the website she had up on her computer at work by accident. As long as the demand is there, these gold sellers are here to stay.

Well, to sell gold, they must have the gold and the methods in which they get the gold are most often valid. So the gold-sellers do have some high level characters that does nothing but go farm stuff to get gold. But yeah, I doubt that doing nothing but earning gold is fun. Sometimes, they use bot programs so they don't even have real human beings doing the dirty work for them. A more unsavory method of gold farming is hacking into a person's account after a successful phishing and stealing all of their precious gold.