Sunday, September 6, 2009

"New" Games Alert! Mega Boost +39 Games

Something truly unexpected happened this morning. As I have mentioned a while back, I am in the process of moving to a new house. It has been a very, very long process and even up until this day, it's still uncertain when the actual move will happen. I must have slept pretty well last night because it was really early in the morning when I decided to organize the upper contents of my cramped closet. It was full of console boxes as well as some unmarked ones that haven't been touched in a long while.

Lots of boxes and yes, I like gettin' down with Mario.

As you may know, I have completely lost all of my games prior to the Nintendo 64/SegaSaturn/PlayStation era. As someone who loves video game so much, of course I have made attempts to recover my past video game collection but times were rough back then for me so I wasn't able to do much - I haven't shared with you before that I have repurchased quite a number of the old Genesis and Sega CD games along with the consoles themselves. My original collection contains a lot of Japanese imports but all of my repurchases were domestic releases. Many years ago, during a space renovation, I have boxed up a lot of my games and when it was time to unbox them, I couldn't find these repurchased Genesis and Sega CD games. All this time, I have accepted the fact that I have lost them because I thought that I must have accidentally thrown the box that contained these items away with the rest of the junk. I was so saddened by the whole thing that I actually stopped the whole recovery project.

Maybe this will encourage me to collect these old games again
since not everything is being re-released out on the Wii Virtual Console.

Back to this morning: So, I mustered up the courage to move a lot of the heavy boxes out from my closet. I had tears in my eyes when Truxton was staring right at me from the slight opening of one box and I knew immediately what I had found. I have added both my Genesis' game list and my Sega CD game list in the game library section. It's funny isn't it: I have lost all hope in finding these games but they have been sitting right in front of me all this time. It's a case of mistaken identity apparently because for the longest time, I thought I have nothing but extra wires and cables inside the box where all of these things have been residing in.

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