Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Objects Encountered While Packing

Doing some more packing today. My video game room is in shambles at this very moment and looking at it gives me a headache. I can hardly move around the room because I have so many things on the floor. Here are some of the more interesting things that I stumbled upon as I was tearing the room apart.

Great with Phantasy Star Online and a must for The Typing of the Dead!

Can't have a keyboard without the mouse.

I bought two of these just for The House of the Dead III on the X-Box.
I got to hook up my X-Box to my old flat panel Toshiba and play that game again.

The best light gun ever made... Even though it is not the most accurate.

This third party one is not too bad either.

Want to go fishing?

The massive, bulky arcade stick I used to play Ikaruga on the Dreamcast.

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