Saturday, September 19, 2009

Free Theme Gone Crazy

The recently released Katamari and Noby Noby Boy Theme (Final) on the PlayStation Network Store is the best free PlayStation 3 theme I have seen so far. It's so good that I have decided to have it replace the LocoRoco 2 Muimui House theme that I have been using for a long time now. This latest theme offering from developer Namco Bandai Games is just so plain brilliant and it is also mind-numbingly ridiculous at the same time. The wallpapers included have blinding colors and confusing compositions that are intentionally made to offend the eyes. Just like their LocoRoco theme, you get very unique sound effects that accompany each press of the button while you are navigating the Xross Media Bar. Though this theme may seem unusable on the first look, reducing the wallpaper's brightness makes it much more functional. I like the original background with the swilling smoke and the sparkling glitters so I am using that with this theme.

Mui mui mui mui... Mui mui! got replaced!

Uhm yes. If you stare at that for too long, you may lose your eyesight.
The theme comes with a variety of different fruit motifs too. I'm not kidding.

Packed full of only the weirdest cast members from Namco Bandai!

Visual sensory overload.

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Blake said...

That really hurts my eyes.

I downloaded a few of them but couldn't take the sound FX. The PAIN theme with the Santa lady is a nice festive BG (I thought) for the holidays.

But the sound FX of her moaning every time I clicked or exited an option was kinda disturbing, only because you have family who can hear this. Even the Batman/Joker theme, where joker laughs every time you leave a option is painful on the ears.