Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do You Want a Free Mount?

It took them a week but yesterday, I finally received my first spam while playing World of Warcraft since my glorious return to Azeroth. I am impressed that I never get to see them anymore, not that I miss them. I have noticed that there are a lot more people who purchased high level accounts though - you can tell by the fact that they are playing a level 70+ character but they are hardly familiar with the everyday terminology used in the game and they play like a level 1 noob: Perhaps they are just really awful at playing the game? I still believe the former. But yes, a lot of those fools but hardly any spam. This probably has a lot to do with the ban on gold-farming in China.

You know you want that super hot rare mount!
Don't tell mommy or daddy. Just go visit that site, okay?


Blake said...

That's pretty annoying. So what happens is there are players who just walk around and talk to you about website info??

I dislike all the ads that are popping up that I can't avoid. I don't mind if its in the background. But like some DVD's that won't let me skip the promotional ads in the beginning, drives me bananas.

It will be only a matter of time before we see a pizza hut commercial every time we start up our Mario game.

Loner Gamer said...

Yes, it can be annoying but it's a rather common thing in a MMO. The spammers would create a new character every other minute and spam as many people as possible whether the ultimate goal is to sell you gold for real cash or phishing for personal info.

Well, racing games are filled with billboards that feature products from advertisers and the X-Box 360 dashboard is also filled with ads. I don't think it would ever permeate into something more invasive though. Stlll when it comes to WoW, Blizzard has done a good job thinning down the number of spammers in the game (or perhaps it was just plain luck).