Friday, September 19, 2014

Most Played Games on Steam Thus Far

Steam is telling me that as of today, I apparently have 924 games on my account with 843 downloadable contents owned. So 83% of my Personal Computer games are Steampowered. Yeah, Steam is the true essence of PC gaming. Now it's always more difficult to sit down and think about my top 10 favorite games of all time but you know it's a lot easier to figure out my favorite Steam games by looking at the time I spent playing these games. One of them listed here is indeed listed in my top 10 favorite games because it was one of the lucky two that got a Steam re-release but yes, I am surprised that I haven't played much of the PC version of Nights: Into Dreams... As a matter of fact, I seem to have completely forgotten about it. I must revisit that game soon! But I am getting a bit distracted here. My most played Steam games are interestingly varied. I sure wish however that Steam would track the time played for the non-Steam games added to the client because you know, the number would look super crazy for that one game I love. The game sitting at the top of the list shouldn't be a surprise for those who have been paying attention:

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