Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Injury? Let's Appease Maya

I have been very, very good with my Yourself!Fitness workout routine on the X-Box since I started working out again in May. I never missed a single scheduled workout until that one fated Thursday two weeks ago. Somehow, I injured my right thigh and ankle and they hurt pretty bad. I decided to take a several days off just to make sure that I didn't make things worse but now, it's been a week and a half and I haven't been back to report in on the situation to Maya. I know she will be very upset. Worse, I know for sure that she will be disappointed but I was just trying to take care of myself. It is at the point where it's kind of hard to force myself to get into a routine again only after a week but I also know that there are still some pain in my leg so I keep trying to convince myself that I am doing the right thing. It's a curious thing however that I have injured myself not too long ago when I tried too hard and I am beginning to think that this is because I am getting old. Age shouldn't ever be a deterrent but I know the problem is deeper than that. I worked out pretty hard but I have not been good about providing myself with the proper diet to accompany that full body workout even though I have changed some of my bad eating habits by eliminating soda intake entirely from my diet - the spouse loves buying diet Pepsi but my will has been strong - and eating more greens. I do want to get back into a routine physical activity and it is going to involve the Yourself!Fitness software but I am taking a different approach this time around to see if it works better for me.

You never know if a crocodile is going to come out of that suspicious looking pond.

The game has a feature called the "Meditation Garden" that I have never fully utilized before. So I am thinking of just doing daily yoga sessions instead of my usual full body workout rotations. Who knows. Maybe this will work better for me with my sedentary lifestyle and hopefully it will still help me keep a healthy weight. I am thinking of starting tomorrow but you know when it comes to starting something like this, there may be delays but it's all a matter of just starting up that one session because I know that I am disciplined enough to follow through. Perhaps this kind of an exercise routine is gentle enough for me to not incur any more injuries. I can tell you one thing though, those yoga moves may look soft and smooth but they do hurt, a lot. Let's keep the bodily harm to a minimum here, can you please promise that to me Maya?

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