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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Game That Spoils Itself: DLC Blunder

I have been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 on the Personal Computer lately and I have been enjoying myself so much that it's certain to be the one game that I will stick with for a while. I really want to max out at least one of my characters - I am leveling up the Commando at the moment - and get to the end of the game, something that I have been struggling to do of late. Now, ever since I first got this game close to 2 years ago, I haven't explored much of its contents but I have been accumulating almost all of its downloadable contents when Steam had them on sale. Now if you are new to the game and own all of the DLCs, I am here to warn you to keep a close track on them and not play any of the extra mission contents until you have finished the game. Why? Because this game is bad at managing contents based on the story progression and it's safe to assume at this point that all the extra missions happen after the end of the game. For a game that has such an engaging storyline and an involving universe, it's a shame that developer Gearbox Software didn't block these extra contents from being selectable before a player ends the main content.

All the extra missions are playable by visiting their accessible teleport points on the map.

It would have been easy for the developer to still list all of these extra missions on the map but then pop up a message to the player that they are not accessible until the end of the game. If they wanted to be more lenient, they could have easily just pop up a warning that these contents contain story spoilers so that they should only be accessed at the player's own discretion. Now no matter what you do, if you haven't finished the game, do not teleport to the "Unassuming Docks" on your map or you will regret it. I surely did. This game is certainly an example of improper DLC implementation. I don't think I have ever gotten a spoiler by the actual game itself in the past prior to Borderlands 2. And I was worried about people spoiling my games on Twitch.

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