Tuesday, September 2, 2014

As Fall Approaches, A Different Season Fails

Last week, Blizzard introduced a big patch for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and I don't know nor do I care how much of the new contents from this patch also showed up for the console versions of the game but among them was a really silly little feature called "Seasons". You know, I am all for the expansion of gameplay hours but the technique of accomplishing it which was applied here just reeks of desperation and totally lacks any hints of creativity.

Monogamy has entered the fray. Maybe I should have named him Monotony.

Basically, this uh, supposedly "optional" mode entails creating a brand new character completely separate from the main game. There is a competitive element to this where you can climb up the leaderboards in several different categories, which some claimed have already been spoiled by people abusing exploits in the game. There are new legendaries that can only be collected in this game mode but the great news here is that those will spill over to the original game once the season is over - strangely, the actual length of this season is not even detailed yet. The problem with seasons is that one must reach level 70 in it to claim a new transmorg set, which is exclusive only to those who manage to fulfill that requirement. So yeah, this isn't optional. At least not to me because well, I want a new look for my characters since there are not that many to begin with. Now, leveling up to 70 isn't all that bad but I already have every single class maxed out so now I have to create a duplicate class just to play this mode. "Seasons" is definitely a stretch and is a really bad idea. Just keep adding an overflowing amount of things for people to do at max level instead of having people start fresh because, well, I would have just rolled a new character on my own if I really wanted that. If I wanted to experience the game's story all over again, I can just play through the whole thing from the beginning with my level 70 characters. And then after all is said and done, I have to do this over and over again for future Seasons? Don't they employ people who are smart enough to come out with high level content ideas for the players without having to start from scratch?

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