Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Audiosurf 2: Early Access Now Justified

Remember not too long ago when I expressed my extreme disappointment with myself for supporting Audiosurf 2 that was in Steam Early Access then and is still in that state now? Well, though I think that the movement to get the final release out is still inexcusably slow, at least the game is worth playing now that some new modes have been introduced to the game and one of them just happen to be the mode that kept me playing the first game all the way up to its awesome 130 hours of playtime: Vegas! This update was released on the 19th last week but since I was so disgusted with the game, I didn't even know about it then. Today, while playing the first game, I decided to just boot up the sequel to merely check it out and that was when I noticed the huge change.

Dark Paradise just got darker.

And you know what? This new Vegas mode is a lot more fun to play than the one from the first game. Developer Dylan Fitterer managed to improve upon what I thought was an already perfect way to play the game by tightening up the block shuffling mechanics and chaining system. The score multiplier can now be found during a song's big moments, presented visually as a corkscrew on the track. It's all very orgasmic and brilliant. Unfortunately, this has spelled doom for the first game. From this point forward, if I want to get my Audiosurf fix, it will be in the form of the sequel. I got the game when it was on sale and I recommend that those who are interested in this sequel to only get it when it's discounted. This new Vegas mode is certainly worth it but let's not encourage the developer to dillydally on getting this game in tip-top shape.

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