Saturday, September 20, 2014

Final Fantasy XIII... Heading to PC?

You see, this is the reason why Personal Computer gamers need to continue supporting console ports that get a PC release, especially when they choose Steam as the digital distribution destination of choice. Square Enix has been releasing plenty of old Final Fantasy ports - not remakes, ports - in the past and apparently now they have great confidence over PC gamers by releasing Final Fantasy XIII on Steam early next month. And they already planned to release the sequels XIII-2 and Lightning Returns by next spring! Sure, they did skip a couple of older entries from the PSOne and PlayStation 2 eras but why is it that I have a feeling that those will eventually make the transition? This is really easy money for the developer and a win-win situation for all. The future of gaming is the PC, more specifically, Steam as the place to game. With a release such as this game, that statement will continue to remain true and let's hope that the trend will forever continue for the rest of eternity. It looks like finishing this game on the PlayStation 3 will not happen for me because I will be doing just that on my PC! I encourage those who have played the game to still get this again ($15 before discounts) and more goodies will come to Steam, guaranteed.

They should have just release it in a trilogy bundle but this is still wonderful.

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