Wednesday, September 3, 2014

There Is Something Wrong with a Game When...

I love the Dynasty Warriors series but sometimes I wonder if I should support these Warriors games anymore because of the way Koei Tecmo loves to withhold a lot of extras from these games nowadays. It's bad enough that they really messed up the Personal Computer release of Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition but apparently, the "Complete Edition" in its title is a complete lie because there are plenty of downloadable contents available for it. Now the audacity of things are a little harder to see when perusing these DLCs on the PlayStation Network Store but thanks to Valve's diligence in the way that they showcase DLCs on the Steam store, everything is made crystal clear:

To truly make your game the "Complete Edition", you will have spend an additional $200.

You know there is something wrong with a game when the DLCs themselves cost almost four times the price of the game itself. Sure, one day, Steam will slash everything down to about $50 with 75% off but we all know that money is better spent elsewhere. This is just completely absurd and Koei Tecmo should be ashamed of this ridiculous pricing strategy and game content breakdown.

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