Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's Time to M-M-M-M-M-M-Mystery Skin!

The Mystery Skins are back in League of Legends for the Personal Computer between 09/25/2014 to 09/28/2014 and you know that I just cannot resist from taking a chance on them. I unlocked two today and if I get more over during this promotional period, I will ensure to have the result added here as well:

1st Mystery Skin:

Dark Crystal Ryze is pretty cool but the only problem here is that I just unlocked the brilliant yet disturbing Uncle Ryze skin last month, a skin I considered to be his best, so I feel a bit cheated here.

2nd Mystery Skin:

I decided to share the fun and sent the second one as a gift and it unlocked... Buccaneer Tristana. Well, Tristana still desperately needs a visual update for her in-game character model as well as her whole character design in the first place and this skin doesn't really help. I sure hope that the recipient likes this skin because unfortunately, I am just not into the whole pirate theme. Update Note: 09:22am - The recipient also sent me a mystery skin and it was... The legendary skin Blood Lord Vladimir! He should Mystery Skin a lot more with that kind of luck! Silly me I didn't screenshot that nice gift animation that popped up.

Update Note: 09/28/2014 - Just feeling lucky today I suppose so I added some more Riot Points to my account and proceeded to unlock more Mystery Skins!

3rd Mystery Skin:

Shaco can be a lot of fun to play in ARAM so I am glad that I got an alternate skin for him and if I were to choose a skin to unlock for the devious jester, this Asylum Shaco would have been my first choice.

4th Mystery Skin:

Yes, I couldn't believe my eyes either when it happened. I was like, wow, my persistence was richly rewarded! The game also has been buggy for me with nasty lags and frequent disconnects though things seem to have been a bit better these past several days so perhaps this is just a way for the game to thank me for still believing in it? I already have two other alternate skins for her but I suppose you can never have enough for Miss Fortune right? A great way to end my mystery skinning adventure for this promotional period for sure!

Good luck with your Mystery Skins!

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