Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dead Rising 3 PC: Patience Necessary

When Dead Rising 3 was originally announced as an X-Box One launch exclusive, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before it would be released on Steam because Capcom have tasted the Personal Computer market via Steam and it would be silly for them to deny themselves a good amount of fortune. I remember telling a number of people who wanted to get the X-One just because they wanted to play DR3 to hold off for the eventual PC version and I also remember the ensuing ridicule I received for even suggesting the idea that an X-One exclusive would show up on Steam. Yet, here we are. Yesterday, Capcom finally released the game on Steam and coined this version as the "Apocalypse Edition" as it contains the complete "Untold Stories of Los Perdidos" downloadable add-on packs that were sold separately on the X-One. Gaming life on Steam is only getting better and better by the day.

We get to traverse an actual city this time around and it's really big.

The path towards a happy zombie killing time unfortunately was a rather rough one. The most common problem facing the game as it launched yesterday are nasty crashes that occur at any random point of the game. I encountered the problem as well where the game would just crash without any rhyme or reason, usually during the time when I was just intoxicated with zombie mayhem fun. But of course performance issues can happen when it comes to PC games and it all a matter of staying positive and being persistence in figuring out what can be done to alleviate the problem. Capcom did address the issue in the Steam community forums even though they have yet to come up with a solution even as of this morning. I managed to make my game work yesterday after several driver downgrades. The one suggested by Capcom and another by a community member didn't work and at that point, I almost gave up of course and was just going to wait for the official Capcom fix but then someone recommended the NVIDIA 337.88 driver, which was one rollback away from the most current driver. Since I love the game so much that I still attempted to play it with all the random crashes, I thought it was worth the effort and thankfully, it yielded the desired result for me. The game no longer crashes randomly! Now looking at the graphics, this game looks nice but it isn't state of the art. There are plenty of low resolution textures abound, something that is disappointing but expected since the game is a port of what the X-One is capable of. Capcom didn't do much with the original game assets though they do allow the frame rate to be unlocked in this version beyond the struggling 30 fps on X-One. On my setup, it doesn't provide me with a solid 60 fps gameplay even though looking at the technology behind this game, it should have been easily possible for any decent PC rig. So the 60 fps for this game is not fully optimized but perhaps it's something that hopefully can be cleaned up with a future patch. In the end however, DR3 on the PC is still a darn fun game but don't expect it to be a total visual marvel because it never was on the X-One and it isn't remastered properly. If you are an NVIDIA user who is still struggling to get this game to run without the crashes, try out the driver I mentioned earlier if you haven't. Just remember, remain patient. Sure, we deserve better than a problematic port but remember that things can be more complicated with the PC platform, which is still the best place to game.

The visual wows are limited to some of the story cut-scenes with their detailed character models.

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