Sunday, July 27, 2014

Let's Mystery Skin! July 2014 Edition

Mystery Skins have been made available again on League of Legends for a very limited time and I decided to get into the action tonight. I haven't been so lucky with these things as you can see by clicking here and here. I surely hope that I will get better, more prominent skins this time around. Here we go!

Hmm... Justicar Aatrox. Guess I am off to a good start!

Officer Caitlyn? I love her but I never had any interest in this skin. One more time!

Jackpot! Full Metal Rammus is pretty freaking awesome!

I was definitely luckier this time around because at least these are definitely some of the nicer alternate skins out there. How did you fair in your Mystery Skin adventures? Hope you got the skins you wanted. For those who haven't dabble into the Mystery Skin thing, you still have one more day to do it! Good luck!

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