Monday, July 14, 2014

'Cuz I'm Easy like That

A game that immediately got my interest when I was looking at the new releases on Steam today thanks to its title was Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon by Le Cortex. Apparently, it's a run-and-gun RPG shooter of some sort, made originally last year in cartridge format for the Neo Geo system:

But where's the pony outfit?

It looked intriguing enough and normally, a game like this that seems fun yet I have no real idea about but I would like to play eventually would end up being added to my Steam Wishlist only to be revisited during a Steam Sale event yet as I was reading the description on the store page, I knew that I must support the developer thus I bought the game immediately:


A video game studio that understands that the PC is "today's gamers platform"? No way! That kind of smart thinking tells me a lot about these guys and I had to back them up. I look forward to playing the game!

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