Sunday, July 13, 2014

Acceptable Gaming Fashion Accessory

Though I don't buy into physical extras bundled alongside games these days since my focus is primarily on digital gaming inductions, I still have plenty of those things from past acquisitions scattered around my Game Treasury. I was perusing those items yesterday, looking for those that are still unwrapped, untouched by my bare hands. One of my finds just happened to be this necklace thing from a Naruto fighting game on the Nintendo GameCube and I decided to put it on just for fun while giving it a reason to exist. I then showed it to the spouse and to my surprise, the spouse reacted positively to it and didn't even mind me wearing it when we went out later on in the evening.


Apparently, as long as it doesn't look suspiciously like something out of a video game, the spouse is fine with it. The necklace does look pretty cool and unassuming and I have been looking for one to wear. There is also a plastic ring included with this thing but it looks so cheap so I'll just stick with the necklace.

You have to be really close to me to actually see the engraving.

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