Saturday, July 19, 2014

Panoramic Worthlessness

I don't use my PlayStation Vita that much so it shouldn't be a surprise that I just discovered today that it can take panoramic pictures. I was so thrilled about this and immediately took the 360 degrees view of my Game Room. I was very impressed at how easy easy it was to take the panoramic image because it was an automated process that requires one to point the Vita's camera around while the Vita finds the images it needed to complete the overall picture. Then, when it was all done, I was very, very disappointed with the result. The effect is definitely very convincing and there are even areas where I didn't noticed the transition between the combined images at all but the problem here is that everything is so low res, especially when you sized the image to fit the whole screen:

Click to maximize this image... If you dare!

This feature is a good distraction and something that can be fun to use but if the result is this whole blurry mess, I don't feel compelled to take my Vita with me when I know that I will be out taking pictures. A high definition still image/video recording are definitely way better than what can be accomplished here. 

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