Monday, July 21, 2014

A Very Greedy Soul

That Dark Souls II. Not only did From Software and Namco Bandai Games pull that dirty intentional delay tactic for the Personal Computer version, the game ended up being somewhat boring to me and I didn't even get too far into it. Today, I noticed that a "Season Pass" for the game had suddenly showed up on the Steam client's Top Seller list and it really caught me by surprise. Sure, the first Dark Souls did get an eventual expansion but apparently, there will be three upcoming additional contents for this game (purposely withheld from the original release to milk the game dry obviously and obnoxiously), the first of it being released tomorrow thus the sudden increase in sales. The whole "Season Pass" thing was not even announced during the launch window of the game, probably to ensure that people will not just wait for the eventual "Complete Edition" and I completely missed it when it was first listed on Steam in early June, a little over a month after release. This should teach me a lesson that no game is even worth $39.99 - my sweet spot for game price - if there is a potential that it will turn out to be an incomplete game. What a rip-off.

What's worse than supposed free-to-play games? Season Passes. This trend needs to die.

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