Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Platinum Reward 2014: Faster & Cheaper

When I logged in to the Club Nintendo website tonight, I got a pop up telling me that the fiscal 2014 Platinum reward that I qualified for was finally available for me to claim. I was excited but I proceeded with caution. This program has been going downhill since the Wii U was released so I had a feeling that the selection was going to be disappointing. I was right:

To further save money, Nintendo no longer mails out physical rewards.

I picked EarthBound since I have never played that game before. It's a shame that I already own Game & Wario, the only big release being offered here. Nintendo, it's really time that you go multi-platform. If that action is just too shameful, at least start releasing your games on Steam on top of your own hardware line up. Stop being stubborn, and start making money the smart way. Oh well, at least now we can get the offered reward immediately but that's really not saying much.

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