Friday, March 21, 2014

(Almost) Daily ARAM Report?

I play a lot of League of Legends on the Personal Computer. I play it too much perhaps. So much so that even the spouse likes to claim that I play only one game these days and that's the game where the "enemy has been slain" - normally this comes up as a complaint that I don't play the games the spouse gave me as gifts. Within the game itself, I mostly play the ARAM - All Random All Mid - mode on the Howling Abyss map. I think things may change when the Team Builder mode comes out but in the mean time, it's all about ARAM. Now if you have played a lot of ARAM, you know that your supposed random champions didn't feel like they were given to you at random at all because you'd end up with the same champions over and over again, even when you decide to use your limited re-rolls. Well, I have decided to post the champions I do get when I play this mode on a daily basis and see if a revealing pattern emerges eventually. To be frank, that's just how a random roll works where you can end up with the same champions every so often. But I have all the champions unlocked so it would be nice to get something new every now and then. I will only track the champions I get and the re-rolls and not the trades I get from other players. I am also including champions I got for cancelled matches, where a player leaves during the champion select screen because the system did its thing to provide me with the random champion. To start things off, here are the champions I did get from my ARAM session this morning. The champion portraits are arranged in consecutive order from left to right per line. Is there a theme emerging yet?

Now that I am tracking, I am no longer getting repeat champions within the session.

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