Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Diablo III: Reaper Ready

I love Diablo III ever since it first came out. I have played the game for around 250+ hours. It was my favorite Personal Computer game of 2012. Sure, I haven't been playing the game but that is only because I have been playing too much League of Legends. Well, with last week's release of patch 2.0.1 that brought along a new loot system and a plethora of other improvements, I decided to finally log back into the game and you know what? It freaking rocks. I love the more flexible difficulty system that allows me to collect better loot without the fear of a nonstop death session that normally ends with more gold lost due to major gear repairs than better loot gained. As if the improvements to the game were not enough, Blizzard has also decided to grant 50% bonus experience to players between now and the release of the game's Reaper of Souls expansion. I managed to get my last two level 50+ characters to 60 today in no time. The experience boost also affects the rate of Paragon level gain so I will be spending a lot of time with this game for the next several weeks. Just from my play session today, I am utterly convinced that the game will only get better and I want to have access to the new Crusader class and the random dungeon as well as adventure mode from the expansion. Thus, I have upgraded my account without even thinking twice. I really cannot wait for the 25th of this month to arrive!

There goes my soul.

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