Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cydaea Is a Bad Word?

After seeing the cool prefixes on top of the players' names while playing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on the Personal Computer, I decided to create my own clan earlier today. I wanted the name to be Diablo related and for some reason, that Maiden of Lust Cydaea came to my mind. Though her characterization is shallow, just like all the other characters in the game, I like how she teases you by hanging down on her web and making silly comments about things before you finally get to fight her. For some weird reason, when I chose "Cydaea" as the clan tag, I got a message that I cannot use foul language for the tag. I thought maybe all the character names in the game are just off limits but when I typed in Azmodan, the field actually accepted it. So I had to utilize a clever approach to things and use "CDYA" as the clan tag. As for the name, I decided on "Smooth as Honey", to honor the cheesy, hilarious description of our delicious Cydaea by Deckard Cain himself. I entered the description below under Clan Information:

"Cydaea may be smooth as honey, but we are smoother than that. This is a clan that lusts for the beautiful and the grotesque. Our desire for death to all that threatens humanity is thrusts upon our foes with forceful virility and with ravenous passion, without mercy, hesitation, nor pretension."

Join in if you would like to obsess about Cydaea and/or hang out with yours truly.

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